• 515 E 2nd S St
  • Mountain Home, ID, 83647
  • United States

Spaghetti Feed/Disability Awareness Night

This event is to raise awareness, acceptance and funds for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. There will be a raffle, cake walks, spaghetti dinner, informational vendors and more!


Rock That Ausome gives support to all with disabilities, disorders or any other sensory related issues that one may be facing. We design and make sensory items & calming tools.  They can help with a multitude of diagnoses such as Autism, depression, PTSD, anxiety, improving fine motor skills & more. They can help with rebuilding coordination after an injury, in redirecting a stim or meltdown, or other sensory related issues.We are a non profit organization.

We also integrate music into our program with teaching new skills and allowing folks to use music as an outlet. All while finding ways to focus on the abilities one already owns and to help improve upon those as well. We also see a need for affordable assistive communication technologies.

One of our main goals is to raise money for and gift tablets & more to those in need.

We believe more education is needed for inclusion and acceptance. We also see a need for parent & guardian support during these inclusions. This is why we are gearing up to be your local allies in advocacy & support someday soon.

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