• American Legion Hall, 515 E 2nd S
  • Mountain Home idaho

Miracles for Mila - Fall Kids Festival Fundraiser


We know for sure that we will be doing a spaghetti feed and auction with a ton of fun activities for the kids. More info to come soon....

In October 2013, Amelia (Mila), was diagnosed with a stage II, astrocytic neuroglioma. The tumor presented itself by causing her immense pain in her back that prevented her from doing much of anything, including sleeping. About a month of this went by before she was admitted for an MRI which discovered a tumor spanning 4 vertebrae long growing in the middle of her spinal cord in such a manner that her vertebrae had actually expanded to make room for it. The week after it was found, she had an eight-hour-long surgery to remove the tumor. Believing it to be slow growing, we had hoped that the surgery would be sufficient treatment for her. During her postoperative time, Amelia amazed us all by teaching herself how to walk again, excelling at her physical therapy and made a full recovery within a couple of months. She required follow-up MRIs every three months, all of which looked relatively good. However, her last MRI had shown that a new tumor, or an extension of the original tumor had grown excessively, causing her increased back pain again. She was admitted for a second surgery to remove the bulk of this tumor with a new treatment plan to follow. Once she has recovered from her surgery, she will begin monthly chemotherapy treatments for one year. Without this treatment, Amelia faces paralyzation with the inability to breathe on her own. During this year, Amelia cannot attend daycare. She will attend outpatient physical therapy, have blood levels checked regularly, and will be receiving care from an amazing team at St. Luke’s consisting of a neurosurgeon, a pediatric physical and rehabilitation specialist, and oncologist. She has a very long road ahead of her. 
Amelia’s strength, determination, and bravery are something to be admired, especially for someone so small. Although she doesn't fully understand what is happening to her, she wears her scars proudly and is always with a smile on her face. Her determination and resilience is such an incredible inspiration to everyone around her.