Annual Charity Holiday Lighting Contest in Mountain Home

Meet Jessica! She is our 2015 holiday light contest nominated winner of this year's charity drive ! We need your entries to make this year spectacular!

(Scroll down to see the houses that have entered the contest after Jessica's story!)

It's time PEEPS! Start decorating those houses! And start entering the contest! $10 donation per entry gets your house on the list ! This years 50/50 donations go to : 
Jessica Mespelt and the winner of our 2nd annual holiday light contest!


Jessica needs your help let's make this holiday season unforgettable and brighten her smile a little more! Sign up /or donate on our


This years charity proceeds will be split 50/50 between the contest Winner and this year's charity recipient.

This year's recipient is Jessica Mespelt

Click on the map below to visit this year's Holiday Lighting Contest entrants!  

(Once the new window opens click on each marker for the address of the house.)


Here is also a list of the participating locations:

1265 Chuckar Circle                                                     1747 NE Idarock St.

1135 NW Dogwood Circle                                           2150 N 3rd East

5245 SW Evanna Lane                                                615 E. 15th North

1340 Delmar St.

Would you like to enter or enter a friend or neighbor?  Click on the donate link below.  You may also donate to Jessica without entering.  Just specify donation only when you pay!

Pay right now online at Paypal or if you would like to donate/ enter please call Jennifer at 916-521-3080 or email  Jennifer will come pick up the money. 

To Join Holiday Lighting contest. Minimum donation/entry fee is $10 , then fill out the form. ,  also ... volunteers will be out with forms and collecting your donations.

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Entry Guidelines and Rules for the 2015 Competition

  • The contest is open to all Elmore Residents
  • Entries can be entry between now and Dec. 23th
  • All lights must be on by 6:00 PM through Dec. 24th for judging.
  • Two awards will be presented (50/50 Half to winner and half to chosen charity)

2015 Judging Criteria

  • First Impression - 25 Points
  • Design - 20 Points
  • Originality - 20 Points
  • Suitability to Site - 15 Points
  • Environmental Elements - 20 Points (environmental elements including recycling, energy conservation, etc.)

Last year's charity recipient and his family.