Giving Tree Workshop

December 1-17

The workshop hours are 2-7 pm Monday through Friday.  

Address: 1025 Airbase Rd., Mountain Home

(Next door to Peak Physical Therapy)

The Giving Tree has completed the application process.  This year we will be bringing joy to 246 families which includes 529 children.  This is a lot more than the past few years.  We are asking you all to open your hearts and help out in any way that you can.  You can adopt 1 child or an entire family. For pre-adoption please call the Chamber.   Another way to help is by donating any of the items we will be using such as gift wrap, shirt boxes, tape, tissue paper or a monetary donation.  Also accepted with gratefulness is your gift of time- we will need wrappers at the workshop starting the first of December.  We have an awesome community here and I know with your help we will be able to bring happiness to all 529 of these children.  

For More information contact the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce at 587-4334.