• MHHS Lloyd Schiller Gym (map)
  • 1220-1298 E 4th S
  • Mountain Home, ID, 83647
  • United States

Mountain Home High School Encore Company presents...

The Grinch

December 11th & 12th @ 7 pm


Ticket Information

$3 Students                  $5 Adults
Christmas Special--All Seats $3

All tickets sold at the door.

Doors open at 6:30
7pm curtain

The Loyd Schiller Gym

Mountain Home High School

300 South 11th East

Mountain Home, ID 83647

Dr. Seuss’s classic story How the Grinch Stole Christmas comes to life in this 30-minute stage adaptation.  The Grinch is a grouchy, solitary creature with a heart “two sizes to small,” and his only companion is his unloved, but loyal dog, Max.  Annoyed with the Whoville Christmas festivities, the Grinch decides to stop Christmas from coming by stealing their presents, trees, and food for their Christmas feast.  Despite his efforts, Whoville's inhabitants still celebrate the holiday.  He puzzles for a moment until it dawns on him that perhaps Christmas is more than presents and feasting: "Maybe Christmas, he thought, means a little bit more."  The Grinch's shrunken heart suddenly grows three sizes larger. The reformed Grinch returns all of the Whos' presents and trimmings and is warmly invited to the Whos' feast, where he has the honor of carving the Roast Beast.  

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