Winter Seams & Dreamz Baseball Camp

Tuesdays & Thursdays, February 2nd - March 24th

6-8 pm 

@ Soapy Walborn Hitting Complex

For more info or to sign up contact Chris DeVore 208-598-5548 or email

Hi Players & Parents:

We have an exciting new opportunity for winter workouts, including instruction from experienced professional and collegiate players. See attached flyer and the following letter from Tigers Varsity Baseball Coach Zach Simons, which outlines the goals and offerings of this revamped winter camp.

I apologize for the short notice on this, but a quick turnaround is required. We need to hear from you asap (by Monday Jan. 25, please) so I can let Coach Simons know what kind of numbers to plan for. I won’t go into it since Coach Simons has done a nice job of addressing the increased fees, but I will note that he is working on a scholarship opportunity for those families who might find the cost prohibitive. This is a concern we both have and we hope to remedy in the coming week. Payment will be due prior to camp and I’ll let you know a time and place—most likely on Monday, Feb. 1—when Coach Simons will be holding registration hours.

 Coach Simons has worked tirelessly on a short timeline to make this winter camp a reality here in Mountain Home, and I am helping to promote in the hopes that we can get as many players involved as possible this year and on an annual basis.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Chris DeVore

Elmore County Youth Baseball
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Dear Parents,

The 2016 Elmore County Baseball season is quickly approaching! We are excited to announce this year we will be hosting our newly designed “Seams & Dreamz” baseball camp.  I want to take a moment to answer some questions you might have.  You may be aware that camp costs have increased this year, and I want to give you a detailed explanation as to why these costs are necessary. Baseball camps have been completely revised for our youth, Babe Ruth, and high school programs. As the new varsity coach, it is my desire to come together with our baseball staff to give your young player not only the best possible instructional experience, but to also provide a rich, and entertaining experience as well; this is something I feel our community as a whole is desperately in need of. To be quite honest with you, we are playing a constant game of catch-up with other baseball programs throughout the valley, and to be competitive, change is required! The “Seams and Dreamz” camp is not built on the foundation of just hitting and pitching, we will focus on all aspects of the game of baseball: hitting, pitching, defense, and the most important and overlooked aspect, the mental game of baseball. Arm care and strength and conditioning will be included as well. 

Our blueprint design for our community programs will be the same as we have instituted at the high school level.  By teaching our young players the same fundamentals we can ensure that by the time they reach the JV and varsity levels of high school baseball their learning curves will essentially be flat, and thus talent will be the determining factor that guides coaches in both roster and playing time decisions. 

As to the cost of camps this year, the average three day camp has a cost of $150.  However, we are offering 16 days of camp for the same cost.  Private instruction generally runs at $60/hr. - we have the advantage of having professional instructors coming to Mountain Home, an opportunity that has not been previously available.

To that end, we understand and appreciate that families must make difficult decisions due to finances, but understand we want to develop great baseball players, and we are currently developing a financial assistance program to help offset the cost of our camp.  We know from experience that developing great baseball players has nothing to do with the means a family has or does not have.  If you feel that the cost of camp is too much for you at this time, please, feel free to contact me - no child will be denied that chance to attend our camp.  If you are in a position to, I also ask you to consider sponsoring a child who cannot attend camp.

One of our goals is to hand out prizes at the end of camp honoring our most improved player, our hardest worker, and spirited players, etc.  We hope to offer a new glove, bat, batting gloves, and other equipment to our campers.

The instructors at our camp this year include:

Zach Simons

Kurt Alderman

Make Hobgood

Jeremey Kompoltowiz

Scott Frazier

Camp Dates and times:

Camp to be from 6-8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Soapy Walborn indoor hitting complex off 14th Avenue in Mountain Home.

As a coaching staff we want the Seams and Dreamz camp to be something your child looks forward to, and enjoys attending each year, and I’m honored to announce the attendance of Major League players Brooks Brown, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chaz Roe, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.  Also attending will be Ray Burris, a 16 year Major League veteran and current Philadelphia Phillies pitching coordinator.  We also have unconfirmed attendance of former Oakland A’s catcher, and major league hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies and San Fransisco Giants, Carney Lansford.

In closing, we all love the game of baseball, and winning baseball games is but a small part of what we are about.  We’re not only interested in helping your child be the best baseball player they can be, but we are more interested in being a part of a community that cares for all of our kids, and the lessons that baseball provide last a lifetime, and on both sides of the chalk line.  I hope to see you and your child at our camp, and if you have questions or concerns about our camp, I look forward to fielding them.  


Coach Zach Simons

Varsity Baseball Coach

Mountain Home High School 

(208) 599-0444

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