• MHHS Lloyd Schiller Gym (map)
  • 1220-1298 E 4th S
  • Mountain Home, ID, 83647
  • United States

Mountain Home High School Encore Company presents...

The Adventures of Perseus

March 10-12

Ticket Information/Venue

$3 Students                  $5 Adults

All tickets sold at the door.

Doors open at 6:30
7 pm curtain

The Loyd Schiller Gym

Mountain Home High School

300 South 11th East

Mountain Home, ID 83647

Captured by Hollywood in film versions of The Clash of the Titans, the great Perseus myth is adapted to the stage with pageant, verse, and a bit of comedy.  The story is set in motion when an Oracle tells the human king, Acrisius, that his grandson will kill him, so the old miser locks his daughter, Danae, in a tower guarded by fearsome dogs.  Nothing can keep out the Gods of Mount Olympus, however, and soon Zeus makes Danae a mother—Perseus is born.  In a fit of rage, Acrisius locks mother and baby in a chest and sets it afloat on the sea, but the gods see the chest safely to the isle of Seriphos where Perseus grows into a local hero.  The jealous king Polydectes sends him on an impossible quest: to capture the head of the Gorgon, Medusa.  He is helped along the way by Athena and Hermes and eventually Perseus must conquer his fears, and protect the woman he loves from the Kraken.  

Suitable for all audiences, but not recommended for young children.