• The Donut Tree & Bakery (map)
  • 160 E Jackson St
  • Mountain Home, ID, 83647
  • United States

Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils 101.jpg

Come learn about the world of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils at these FREE events! You will learn all about essential oils: Where they come from, how to use them & what they can be used for! Find out about how you can replace unnecessary poisonous cleaning chemicals in your home with natural cleaners.

**If you sign up at the event as a new wholesale member or wellness advocate you will receive a FREE gift!

Events will be held at:
Mtn Home AFB Family Housing Community Center (must have base access to attend)
Thursday May 10th @ 4-5pm
Wednesday May 15th @ 4-5pm
Thursday May 24th @ 4-5pm
Wednesday May 30th @ 10-11am

The Donut Tree & Bakery:
Saturday May 19th @ 11am-12pm

Julie Langager, Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, has a Bachelors in Exercise Science and was an exercise physiologist with the AF for 10 yrs, a personal trainer/yoga/spin/mommy me/HIIT instructor, weight lifting coach for 20+yrs. An EMT, National Ski Patroller/Instructor, a mom to 3 littles, an AF Spouse of 13 yrs, a wanderlust at heart, coffee drinker, wine lover, hippy wannabee, oil junkie! She loves to educate others on natural ways of living the best life you can and sharing ways that even her & her family use!

Contact Julie (text/voicemail) at: 208-598-3452 or PM me on Facebook for any questions you may have.